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About us

OR Africa discovered the charm of South Africa as early as the 70s, when we startes providing kosher culinary experiences  in South Africa, many years of  experience and acquaintance with the magical country led us to plan and produce organized culinary trips.  It all started with building, planning, consulting and producing group trips for our close friends and since we have ignited the spark in us to expand the doing and experience, our enjoyment is the satisfaction of our guests.

The routes, attractions and accommodation on all trips are very carefully selected and of the highest standards, in order to ensure a pleasant stay without wasting precious time on travel.  Much thought is devoted to the menu and personal hospitality experience, fully tailored to the request of our guests

The highlight of our trips is the talented and experienced staff, who have accompanied us for many years.



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Cape Town








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Experience Africa at its best with a wide array of styling and self-catering accommodations options. Ranging from the finest luxury hotels to fully self-serviced self-catering villas, each uniquely chosen to suit you and your experience. We strive on providing the perfect experience for families, groups or couples who enjoy luxury and independence while traveling.


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When visiting Africa, with its rich history and diverse cultural, a knowledgeable guide vital to ensure your experience is an unforgettable one. With OR Africa, we provide experienced guides who will be able to provide insightful details and history into the majestic sights that Africa has to offer.



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We offer a wide range of activities and experiences to suit any age group, catering for a diverse range of tours from leisure, business, religious, adventure of eco-tours. Through understanding our clients and their needs tours and activities can be selected to suit your requirements to ensure the best experience.



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Our experienced staff are there to look after you and to ensure a memorable experience with your family and loved ones. We offer a diverse range of tour options to suit any event. We offer bespoke tours made specifically to suit your requirements.




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Our Highly trained staff are there to look after you and take you an exotic Kosher food adventure. Our attention to detail is what differentiates us from competition, we aim to please and the area of our expertise is our cuisine. Our gourmet chefs are a major part of what makes our experience unique and unforgettable.



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With our "know-how and expertise" we do not only offer competitive prices, but we create Pesach Sedorim for your family with all your specific requirements We bring all of our staff and knowledge to Pesach ensuring the highest level of Kashrut is adhered to Activities for children and teens are also sought to, ensuring an amazing holiday for the whole family.


500 Terry Francois Street, San Francisco, CA 94158  /  Tel. 123-456-7890

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